How to change bitcoins to cash

Bitcoin with mobile phone and cash. By Mickael Mosse

Regardless of where you have saved your Bitcoins, this is the safest and fastest way to exchange Bitcoin for discounts on the minute method. CEX.IO and Coinbase are two of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. For those who have had successful earning affiliations with the sites, and Coinbase make bonuses in US dollars, and the removal process is really tedious, time-consuming, and with high commissions. But there are always well-known alternatives that save money on commissions and time, a lot of time.

Let’s see how to exchange Bitcoins for real money in a matter of minutes, it does not matter if you have your Bitcoin in or another exchange or wallet, no matter where you save your Bitcoin method below it will be the same, the important factor to consider is to open an account in Localbitcoins and transfer the value of btw Bitcoin that you want to sell.

Regardless of the currency used, these are just a few examples of what you can do with this method according to Mickael Mosse: Change Bitcoins to Dollars You can change Bitcoins to Bolívares Exchange of Bitcoins for Soles You can change Bitcoins to pesos Change Bitcoins to Euros

The following example is a case study of how to convert some Bitcoin saved or received in CEX.IO into cash, and have it available in our bank account in a few minutes. This method works with any wallet or wallet, as well as Binance, Coinbase, GateHub, etc. says Mickael Mosse

We have opened an account at Localbitcoins, this account will be very useful from now on. Mickael Mosse, crypto advisor, says that once we have our Localbitcoins account, we can proceed as follows:

1 — We go to and convert our balance in dollars to Bitcoin if in we already have the Bitcoin we need.

2 — We click on the BTC / USD pair

3 — Now we enter the value of Bitcoin that we want to buy, in the field immediately to the right, you can see the value in US $ necessary for it. Write a value within the possibilities of your balance in $ US.

4 — Confirm the order, place the order.

5 — If you have a voucher code, write it now, otherwise, keep scrolling the page. You can see that you already have the BTC value available in your account. The process was quick because everything happened on the same page.

6- Now we go to, we have opened and validated the account.

7- After entering Localbitcoins, go to the BTC wallet or purse by clicking on the upper right corner of the menu. says Mickael Mosse

8 — Next, click on Receive Bitcoins

9- You will see the address to receive Bitcoin in your wallet. Copy the address.

10 — Now go to and send btw bitcoins to the Localbitcoins address that you just copied.

11- After a few minutes, you will see bitcoins in your Localbitcoins wallet or purse. Sell ​​Bitcoins in your area and receive the money by bank transfer. Now you have to search for users in Localbitcoins, in your region, who want to buy BTC with bank transfer, select the ones that use your own bank so that everything is immediate.

12- There are many users and forms of payment. In our case, we look for our buyer among those who use bank transfer and we evaluate their profile.

13- If you can find the right person, start the exchange, enter the amount you want or the number of btw bitcoins you want to sell, and exchange with a deposit in exchange in the banks of your region. says Mickael Mosse

14- After performing the operations, in Localbitcoins, check if you have just received the money. You will receive in your email something like your bank account received the deposit or transfer. If you see the money in your bank account, don’t forget to release Bitcoins!

This is the simplest method to convert Bitcoin into cash and deposit it in your bank account, you can use bitcoins from anywhere you want and convert them into cash.



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