Daily life situations to get closer to the crypto world — PART I

A useful activity to get closer to a new situation is relating it with real and daily things. Maybe, if you have read those “For Dummies” books, you know the importance of getting topics in simple words to familiar with it.

Mickael Mosse, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor, wants to bring you a simple guide to walk into your first steps in the crypto world.

Let’s go for this crypto walk!

Get your salary from another side of the world in seconds. What a fast transaction!

With remote jobs, we can live in this situation at the end of each month.

Imagine this: Jeff is a software programmer from Germany; he works remotely for a company based in San Francisco, USA. At 16 hours, Jeff’s boss sent his salary, and he received it at 16:01 hours (in minutes because we can’t count seconds here), just on time to go shopping with his wife.

Speed is a significant difference between an international bank transaction and a crypto transaction. According to Mickael Mosse:

● It is successful in a few seconds and ready to use it.

● Without waiting for days to have the money reflected into account, the slow conciliation processes between two banks: debit and credit the funds accordingly.

● Without having to pay hefty transaction fees. There is one fee, but it is smaller than international transfer fees.

Have you seen that almost all documents are digitalized now? Why money not!

When you go to the doctor, you probably see that most of your medical data is now in a digital form, and it is secure. That’s one of the advantages of blockchain technology, making it possible to share this data without fear of losing it.

It is the same thought about money. We used to have paper money in our pockets. Still, it is now safer to have it in an app that you can follow on your phone without using an ATM, virtual branch, or going to an office to transfer your money and pay monthly bills.

Mickael Mosse gives a clue to thinking about crypto as a daily life thing: It will still be your money, but it will be smarter. The change is that you will keep it in a digital wallet, but you will also keep control of it.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency Advisor